What is an advocate?

By definition, an advocate is one who pleads another’s cause. A Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Advocate pleads the cause of the Fellowship Community within a local congregation. God is at work in the world, and those in the Fellowship Community seek to join in God’s work. By advocating for CBF and TCBF in your church, you ensure your church is connected in meaningful ways with God’s work through the Fellowship.

Our goal is to have at least one CBF Advocate in each church affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. If you are interested in serving as an Advocate, please contact Rick Bennett at

Here is a brief CBF Advocate job description:

  • Keep your church informed about what CBF is doing.
  • Increase your church’s involvement in CBF: in giving, in praying, and in going.
  • Improve how CBF connects with your church.

So, if you are passionate about what God is doing in and through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, consider “pleading the cause” in your church!

Practical ways to partner with TCBF:

Tennessee CBF partners with CBF Global to advance the work of the Fellowship Community.  Tangible ways you can connect with TCBF include:

  • Promote and encourage church members to attend the annual TCBF General Assembly.
  • Offer opportunities for church members to sign up to receive TCBF newsletters.
  • Invite TCBF staff to speak or preach in your church.
  • Engage in hands-on mission projects with TCBF ministry partners.
  • Encourage church members to participate in regional TCBF gatherings or events.
  • Make members aware of regional opportunities for collaboration in mission and ministry.
  • Encourage your church to include TCBF in the church budget.
  • Encourage church members to give to the Elizabeth Richard's State Missions Offering.
  • Practical ways to connect with CBF Global.

Nothing strengthens the connection between a local congregation and CBF like engagement, and the best connections enrich both the church and the Fellowship Community.

  • Promote the annual CBF General Assembly and encourage members of your church to attend.
  • Give your church members opportunities to sign up to receive the CBF news magazine fellowship!
  • Encourage your church to invite staff from CBF to speak, preach, or lead enrichment experiences.
  • Invite the congregation to pray for CBF field personnel and invite them to speak in your church.
  • Encourage groups to work alongside CBF missionaries serving in the United States and abroad.
  • Publicize the CBF Offering for Global Missions.
  • Make sure CBF causes are supported through the budget.
  • Contact the CBF reference and referral office when your church seeks a pastor or staff minister.
  • Make CBF resources available to church members and mission leaders.