Disaster Response

The devastation of natural disasters leave people searching for something tangible to restore their faith and security in a world that has seemingly let them down.  These times are opportunities for followers of Jesus to be the presence of Christ as they provide for the needs of those affected.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is not resourced to be a first responder organization.  Rather, our goal is to be a long-term presence helping people and communities rebuild.  We partner with CBF Disaster Response Ministries to connect with other CBF State and Regional organizations to better respond to disaster situations in a way that is sensitive to the local contexts and positioned to be long-term and sustainable.  

Tennessee CBF is also a Sustaining Member of Tennessee Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) which provides communication and coordination among other faith based organizations responding to disasters as well as the Red Cross and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

If you or your church would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Rick Bennett at:

Phone: 865.297.3267
Email: rbennett@tncbf.org