Missional Church

CBF strives to help congregations become more missional? The word missional is difficult to define. It certainly connotes more than being a missions-minded church or participating in mission projects. Typically, stories of missional faithfulness to God’s communicate more powerfully than any working definition of the word. Nevertheless, The Center for Parish Development offers this helpful working definition on its website:

A missional church is a community of faith where people are discerning and participating in God’s mission. As a dynamic process, the outcome of their discernment and participation will vary given their unique circumstances. At the center of their life and ministry missional congregations spend time together, opening their minds and hearts and imaginations to the movement of the Holy Spirit through prayer and worship, Bible study and conversation. At the same time, missional congregations engage in learning about their missional context, asking, what are the forces and factors that are blocking the fulfillment of life as God created it? As together they discern God’s mission and discern the challenges of their context, missional congregations may shape their life and ministry in distinctive ways, utilizing their particular gifts. 

God is up to something bigger than the church (even though the church has a key role to play) and isn’t interested in getting more people into the institution of the church. The clarion call is for the church is to be God’s hands sand feet in accomplishing God’s mission. This perspective flies in the face of the attraction model of church. Consequently, the missional movement causes the church to ask these questions: “What is God up to in the neighborhood?” and “What are the ways we need to change in order to engage the people in our community who no longer consider church a part of their lives?”

Churches across the globe are awakening to the global mission of God. Accompanying that awakening is the desire to connect with other churches, work with them, learn from them and, for the sake of mission, collaborate and cooperate. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is poised to facilitate and nurture even greater participation in God’s global mission.

National CBF compiled a number of missional church resources on its website, including links, a bibliography, frequently asked questions, and more. Click here to visit the site.

In addition, we recommend you go to www.allelon.org to check out the excellent videos about the missional church posted there. Allelon is a movement of missional leaders. Allelon videos educate, nurture and highlight issues around forming missional leaders and creating cultures of hospitality and engagement in our globalized world. Click below to access videos.

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