The mission of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission. As you discern your calling, you can embrace the world through the Fellowship in a number of meaningful ways.

Learn about the work of Fellowship Baptists in the eight ministry areas below. There are resources available for each of these ministries, along with networks where you can connect with others who share your passion. CBF field personnel provide a vital long-term presence in each of these areas.

Poverty and Transformation Ministries
In a rural Arkansas community, an orphanage in the Ukraine and a village in Thailand, Fellowship partner churches are joining with CBF field personnel to help alleviate poverty.
Together For Hope | Water for Hope | Millennium Development Goals

Disaster Response Ministries
Although not a disaster relief organization, CBF responds when major disasters strike through its own resources or partner organizations. CBF’s model for response ministry is to be a long-term presence, helping communities recover and rebuild.

Internationals Ministries
CBF field personnel, churches and partners are involved in ministries to internationals - refugees, immigrants, students. They help to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs, as newcomers search for a place of belonging.

Church Starts & Faith Sharing Ministries
From a Cowboy church in Texas to a church for professionals in  China, CBF field personnel and partners are supporting new church starts. Training and partnerships provide resources for the lay leaders and pastors leading these new churches.
U.S. Church Starts

Justice & Peacemaking Ministries
Fellowship Baptists serve as advocates for social justice and religious freedom. They minister to those who are persecuted for their faith and work to address human trafficking, genocide, women’s rights, child labor and reconciliation.

Healthcare Ministries
Seeking to be the presence of Christ by offering spiritual and physical healing, Fellowship Baptists are ministering among those affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
HIV/AIDS Network

Economic Development Ministries
CBF field personnel, partners and churches are helping transform communities through economic development, environmental sustainability and micro-enterprise projects.

Education Ministries
From mobile schools and kindergartens to specialized programs and tutoring, CBF field personnel and partner churches are working together to provide educational opportunities to students, giving them resources for a better future.