Our Mission & Values

Identity - Who We Are

Tennessee CBF is a network of Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and historic Baptist principles of faith.  

Mission - What We Do

Tennessee CBF exists to resource Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

Values - The Shape of Our Life Together

TCBF’s values flow out of the values articulated by CBF Global. These values indicate what is important to the Fellowship community in Tennessee:

  • Christ-centered—We are committed to servant leadership that through words and actions expresses the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Community—We value being with and serving alongside like-minded folks who share our understanding of what it means to be Baptist Christians.
  • Historic Baptist Principles—We are committed to keeping alive the historic Baptist principles of soul freedom, Bible freedom, church freedom and religious freedom.
  • Faith Formation—We believe faith in Jesus Christ is formed through relationships in local congregations and through engagement in the disciplines/practices of the faith.
  • Missional Focus—We exist to participate in the mission of God in the world.  TCBF exists to help congregations discover and live into God’s unique calling.  We express our calling to God’s mission by sharing the Good News at home and around the globe.
  • Collaborative Partnerships—We affirm the value of working collaboratively with others to nurture faith and meet needs in the world.  We can accomplish more working together than alone.
  • Leadership Development—God calls servant-leaders to guide and lead the ministries of local congregations.  We value investing in these leaders through equipping experiences that enable them to serve more effectively.
  • Peace & Justice—We believe God calls us to work for peace and justice in the world.
  • Ecumenism—We value working with other denominations and ministry groups that are willing to partner with us to do kingdom work.
  • Inclusion—We are committed to expressing dignity and respect for all people and seek to include all in mission and ministry regardless of race, age and gender.
  • Excellence—We value striving for excellence in everything we do.