Volunteer State Missions Offering

Missions is the heartbeat of Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (TCBF). The call to be the presence of Christ in the world means we are intentional about serving “the least of these.” To that end, TCBF offers the Volunteer State Missions Offering. Since the offering began, congregations and individuals across Tennessee have given generously to designated mission and ministry projects across the state. We celebrate this significant accomplishment and the ways God uses your generous contributions to meet human needs in Jesus’ name.

Resources for Promoting the Volunteer State Missions Offering

Check back here each Wednesday in October to receive the latest video release highlighting a specific ministry of the Volunteer State Missions Offering.

Printed Materials
The following materials are only available for download and printing here.

Annual Goals and Mission Partners

Our goal for 2019-20 is $22,000.

When you invest in the Volunteer State Missions Offering during 2018-19, you invest in the following Kingdom ministries:

  • Samaritan Ministry, Knoxville | $10,000

  • Olive Branch Ministries - Scott County, TN | $5,000

  • Neverfail Community Church, Sparta | $2,500

  • Regional Ministries | $1,500 each

    • West Tennessee: Memphis Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), Memphis

    • Middle Tennessee: The Next Door, Nashville

    • East Tennessee: Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City

Your church decides when to focus on the Volunteer State Missions Offering (any time between now and June 30). Whenever you promote the Offering, we stand ready to assist you with promotional materials, bulletin inserts, and speakers.

If you have questions about the Volunteer State Missions Offering or need to schedule a mission speaker, please contact TCBF Field Coordinator Rick Bennett at 865.297.3267 or by email at rbennett@tncbf.org.  

To request materials, a guest speaker or offering envelopes, please complete the following form or call 865.297.3267.   

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