Here you will find information about the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (TCBF). We are a fellowship of churches and individuals who voluntarily cooperate toward becoming the presence of Christ in the world.  

Our hope is that each local church and Christian discover their unique calling from God and connects with God’s mission in their community and beyond. We celebrate opportunities to help congregations discern God’s direction and experience the joy of faithfully living into God’s call.

If you embrace the values and mission of TCBF, and desire to share in our ministries, consider yourself a partner.  Welcome!  We invite you to attend our annual General Assembly, participate in our ministries, partner with other TCBF congregations, share of your financial resources, and call on us for information on how to engage the ministries of TCBF.

Explore our site and see the exciting things God is doing in and through the Fellowship. Discover ways you and your congregation can connect to make a difference.

Grace and peace to you, 

Rick Bennett
TCBF Field Coordinator